Africa innovate! A new PC is less than 50$ Why you import old ones that cost more?

Imagine old (huge) PC’s and laptops brought to Africa by containers from US and Europe. What a ‘waste’ of energy, money, transport costs….

raspberry PI 3For what purposes are those PC’s used? Education?
To search the web and use text editors? Mostly all basic things.

This ‘job’ can be done by even smartphones!
And if you want a pc, then first check what you want to do with it.

Instead of struggling to bring old pc’s that cost more and are far less performant than the newest technology to do the job. So check out the latest technology available.

This will bring everybody further. This will close the technology and education gap fast!

You can buy the latest (mini) PC’s from 30$. F.e. Raspberry Pi3. Shuttle etc.

Don’t let the word mini pc mislead you. They are much more performant than the big (also in size) crap you use!

compare raspberry PI3 to laptop or pc
The (mini) pc compared to a laptop!

1. Latest technology;
2. Less consumption, you can compare it with a lightbulb! So it can work easily on solar energy which you have in abundance in Africa.
3. Less weight so lower transport costs.

What is Africa waiting for?

Wake up! GO for IT.


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