Aquaculture important for Burundi. Meeting with Jon Gulbrandsen.

In my series of meetings with people that have ideas for a positive focus in and on Burundi, I had a chat with former researcher and professor, now author, dr. Jon Gulbrandsen.

Stephan meeting Jon Gulbrandsen on Aquaculture. Bujumbura 15/11/2016

Jon is an aquaculture specialist. He wrote an article on food production and aquaculture to make politicians and the world aware of the value of Aquaculture. Lets learn our lessons and hope people share the benefits from it.

Stephan Doukhopelnikoff Lake Tanganyika
Lake Tanganyika. Photography

“Burundi has the unique possibility to increase her food production significantly by developing aquaculture. This is so because Burundi has some of the world’s richest unexploited freshwater resources, Lake Tanganyika. Aquaculture is the most efficient way of producing animal protein.”

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